Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

As a Simulation Specialist at FORD MOTOR COMPANY; I was responsible for proving out all vehicle programs for throughput and impacts of sequencing constraints. Many of my models have become the design for the new system; creating the required logic to meet conflicting objectives. Discrete event simulation coupled with Design for 6-Sigma has proved to be the answer to:  "Designing for the ever changing automotive industry". 


Design for 6 sigma



DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify/Validate) is the 6 Sigma methodology that focuses on process design.  It is a natural fit for manufacturing design concepts via "What If" analysis.


In DEFINE, the project purpose and scope are established. Collect gackground information on the currrent process and define your customer needs ans establish tragets.


In MEASURE, voice-of-the-customer data are translated into Critical to Quality characteristics (i.e., design measurements) that the design must meet. 


The project team then generates innovative concepts, evaluate and select the best concept for the design. High-level designs are then developed and tested. What are the key inputs & outputs of each process?


Simulate and test design components, and prepare for implementation. Determine what are the key design elements that must be included in the final design. How do we test the design to ensure that it will meet program targets prior to implementation?



Verification against design requirements, and validation against intended use are followed by transitioning the new design to process owners for roll-out, implementation and control, completing the DMADV methodology. 


Design for 6 Sigma, Modular Manufacturing Cells, SIMULATION, Lean Manufacturing, Process Design, OEE

Modular Manufacturing Cells

Utilize all effective design concepts and develop modular concepts to be replicated across the enterprise. 

Flexible Manufacturing

Design manufacturing facilities to work efficiently with mixed model assembly; ensuring manufacturing capability against several product mixes.

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