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Manufacturing Simulation

Does your new manufacturing facility meet Market Demand Targets?

Healthcare Simulation

Do you have enough resources to care for your patients? 

Call Center Simulation

Are your multi-channel capabilities sufficient? 

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Take a look at an Automotive Bodyshop model with multiple products.  

  • Prove-out Throughput
  • Determine optimal number of carriers
  • Track Schedule Adherence
  • Market Place location & Delivery 
  • Determine optimal Broadcast Points
  • Constraint & Bottleneck Analysis
  • Mixed Model Assembly
  • Resource Utilization (Operators & Tools)
  • Shift Patterns

What is a simulation study?

1) AutoCAD Layout or Process Flow

AutoCad Layout Discrete Event Simulation SIMUL8 Experts, SIMUL8 Consultants, Process Flow, Value

We start off with the process drawings i.e. AutoCAD, process flow charts, etc.

2) Collect Data

Collect Data, Discrete Event Simulation, SIMUL8 Experts, Process Flow, Process Simulation, MTBF, OEE

We create a simulation team and begin collecting data, such as: Cycle times, Change overs, Tool setups, Downtime (MTBF, MTTR), etc

3) Build Simulation based upon Layout

SIMUL8 Model Discrete Event Simulation SIMUL8 Experts, Process Simulation, SIMUL8 Design, 6-Sigma

MTN-SIM, LLC will create the simulation model using proposed layouts; this will become an animated version of the layout backed with input data.

4) Create Excel Input

Excel Interface, Discrete Event Simulation, SIMUL8 Experts, Process Simulation, SIMUL8, Lean, OEE

Usually an Excel interface is used to capture all key input variables of the model. 

5) Conduct "What If" Analysis

What If Analysis, Discrete Event Simulation, SIMUL8 Experts, Simulation Experiments, Process Flow

Often in the experimentation phase we conduct "What If" Analysis; making changes to the model and comparing results. 

6) Summarize Results

Statistics and Results Discrete Event Simulation, SIMUL8 Experts, 6 Sigma, Design for 6 Sigma, Lean

We can run a years production, and summarize performance metrics such as: Jobs per Hour, First Time Through, Schedule Adherence, OEE, Time in System, etc.

Get Started Now!

If you have any of these items: Flow Chart, AutoCAD, BOP, Value Stream Map, Paper Napkin Plan. You're ready to start simulating manufacturing concept designs!

Start your manufacturing design as early as possible; the simulation model will become the "Prototype" of your new flexible facility! MTN-SIM, LLC has a proven track record in simulation & leading global manufacturing design teams. Please contact us regarding a live simulation demonstration.

How to start a simulation Project

How to start a Simulation Project, SIMUL8 Specialist, Flexible Manufacturing

Contact MTN-SIM, LLC for a Free Demo

We are eager to hear that your company is interested in integrating simulation into your teams process design phase. We can demonstrate how MTN-SIM, LLC can lead your new simulation initiative. We are SIMUL8 experts!  Please send us a message!

Integrate Simulation into your Design Phase

The biggest bang for the dollar is at the Design Phase. MTN-SIM, LLC has over 25 years delivering Manufacturing Design Analysis via Simulation. We are hands-on experienced in manufacturing design; utilizing a "Less is More"  concept for delivering results fast! We incorporate "DFSS" Design for 6-Sigma into our analysis!

MTN-SIM, LLC can stay ahead of your Project Timing

Most of our projects can be completed via WebEx or Goto Meetings; therefore minimal travel costs. Mtn_SIM, LLC is a leader when it comes to delivering RESULTS in a timely fashion; ahead of project timing! We know that simulation has the greatest potential  of success when you get to the results! We have the ANSWERS!

Data-Backed Solutions within Budget

MTN-SIM, LLC is all about "Less is More" when it comes to delivering RESULTS. We are certified 6-Sigma Black Belts with a keen sense of honing in on the "Significant Few" and addressing the "Trivial Many!"  Your data-backed solutions will gain management buy-in when it comes to design phase decisions within the affordable budget.

Continuous Improvement

All of MTN-SIM, LLC simulation models are developed to be used throughout the entire life-cycle of the project. We incorporate "Performance Metrics" into our models aligned to the shop-floor; therefore your Quality Team can use the simulation to deliver continuous improvement actions items.



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Purchase SIMUL8 through MTN-SIM, LLC and receive 8 hours of free consulting!

MTN-SIM, LLC works directly with SIMUL8 Corporation.  As a Certified SIMUL8 Solutions Provider you will receive any and all current SIMUL8 offers and SIMUL8 support. Please feel free to contact us for any SIMUL8 software updates or purchases. 

What's New in SIMUL8 2019

R Integration  

A whole new way to analyze and visualize your results using the popular open-source statistics and data mining tool. 

Multi-task Timing

Reduce build time and improve visualization by listing sub-tasks of a station in one Activity.

Pick and Place by Condition

Add flexibility to Conveyor modeling by picking and placing Work Items from Conveyors based on user-defined conditions.

Batch by Condition

Model complex real life scenarios by setting multiple conditions for an Activity to select work.

Shift Dependent Conveyors

Set Conveyor operating hours based on assigned shift patterns, giving more flexibility when simulating conveyors.

More improvements

SIMUL8 2019 also brings host of improvements to SIMUL8’s existing features.


We can build your simulation model FAST, FLEXIBLE, and POWERFUL!

Our models are designed to be used throughout the entire program life-cycle including: 


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Purchase SIMUL8 through MTN-SIM, LLC and receive 8 hours of free consulting! 

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Power & Free Conveyor system

How to determine the delivery & return sides of a power & free conveyance loop. What is the optimal number of carriers?

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