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Certified SIMUL8 Providers

MTN–SIM, LLC provides leadership within operations research and continuous improvement; utilizing the latest discrete event simulation and six-sigma techniques. We are a collection of senior simulation specialists with expertise in Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Business Process.
​Simulation can be applied throughout your project life cycle:
1. Design new facilities
2. Improve launch & existing facilities
3. Track performance metrics

Brian Harrington, Principal & Chief Engineer

Brian founded MTN-SIM in 2013, as a small specialized group of discrete event simulation experts. He is responsible for all aspects of the business including model development and analysis. MTN-SIM will provide leadership with simulating your business; creating an animated prototype of your facility or process. No project is too small or too large! Brian has experience at the station-level all the way to enterprise models. MTN-SIM can get your project kicked-off or provide leadership for the entire modeling process.

​Prior to forming MTN-SIM, Brian was a Simulation Specialist and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt at Ford Motor Company. For nearly 20 years he was responsible for proving-out all vehicle programs for throughput and impacts of sequencing constraints. Many of his models have become the design for the new system; creating the required logic to meet conflicting objectives. He has completed 1000's of models within Body, Paint, ASRS, and Final departments. Discrete event simulation coupled with Design for 6-Sigma has proved to be the answer to the ever changing automotive industry.

Brian has also acted as an adjunct professor for teaching a graduate level course "Stochastic Systems"  at Wayne State University, Detroit MI. He also developed and instructed all internal discrete event simulation training while at Ford Motor Company.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Arts from Michigan State University.

When Brian is not simulating... he is usually out skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or running his Alaskan Malamutes!

Ford Motor Company

Consumer Driven 6 Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, DFSS, Process Simulation, Certified Black Belt, OEE

MTN-SIM, LLC based on 20 years experience leading simulation projects for Ford Motor Company.

Design for 6-Sigma and utilizing discrete event simulation have become the equation for designing lean, flexible, and robust manufacturing facilities.

We know Manufacturing

Manufacturing Design

Manufacturing Design, DFSS, Flexible Manufacturing Design

MTN-SIM, LLC has hands-on experience with manufacturing equipment, we have logged in plenty of shop floor time. We know how to design lean, flexible, multi-product lines!

Material Handling

Material Handling Systems, AGV, ASRS, Power and Free, Electric Monorail

We have designed and implemented several Material Handling Systems: AGV's, Electric Monorail, Power & Free, ASRS, Forklifts & Tugs, Racks, Kanban Systems, Market Place Deliveries, etc.


Manufacturing Scheduling, Customer Order, Simulating Manufacturing Schedule

Simulation also covers a significant portion of how to schedule customer orders. Mixed model schedules can be a leading cause of loss of throughput. We can optimize the schedule meeting customer orders yet maximizing throughput!

Manufacturing Data

Manufacturing Data Collection, Simulation Statistics

We know several shop floor data collection systems and how to interpret asset data such as: Cycle times, Downtime (MTBF, MTTR), Changeovers & Tool setups, Working, Waiting, Blocked, Down, Offshift, etc. We know manufacturing statistics!

Theory of Constraints

Theory of Constraints, DFSS, Bottleneck Analysis

Let MTN-SIM, LLC show you where exactly is the manufacturing constraint and how to improve it! We are experts at applying TOC analysis and developing a "Throughput Improvement Road-map"

Performance Metrics

Manufacturing Performance Metrics, JPH, OEE, TIS, Quality

We incorporate all your shop-floor monitoring metrics into our models such as: JPH, FTT, TIS, OEE, Schedule Adherence, etc. These will align with future throughput & quality reports used for continuous improvement.

SIMUL8 interviews brian Harrington

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Automotive Simulation Users Guide


How Automotive Manufacturing Companies are benefiting from using SIMULATION

In this webinar, automotive simulation expert Brian Harrington explains why simulation tools like SIMUL8 are used throughout the entire life cycle of assembly facilities; from designing processes, to operational decisions and continuously improving performance. 

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Kohler Engine

We recently worked with Brian on a simulation project of our new engine facility. He delivered a highly detailed timely analysis, and also trained us on the use of SIMUL8. He has proven leadership and experience within the field of discrete event simulation. 

Ford Motor Company

Brian has made his mark in both the Advanced Manufacturing, and the Pre-Program engineering realms. His work has been the basis for many high dollar decisions regarding our vehicle body manufacturing facilities. 

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