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Basic entry level simulation tool, lacks advanced logical constructs and conveyor objects.  



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One of the most widely used simulation software packages for manufacturing, health care, call centers, or any competitive business with a process.  

This is the tool that delivers the power to create complex simulation models that contain: Multiple Mix Products, Material Handling Systems, Conditional Statements & Control-logic, Excel User Interface, and in-depth Statistical Analysis & Result Reporting.



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When your organization is considering 3 or more Professional seats of the software. We can provide a shared network solution.  

Network Shared Licenses:

SIMUL8 can be set-up across your company's' LAN or WAN. Allows for checking out a SIMUL8 seat at anytime. Therefore, SIMUL8 can be loaded on several computers and laptops, and users can launch SIMUL8 if there is an available license.

You can also inquire about upgrading your existing SIMUL8 seats to a Network platform.


  • Minimum purchase of 3 licenses for SIMUL8 Professional or 10 licenses for SIMUL8 Basic.
  • The number of licenses purchased is the maximum number of users that can use the software at any time.
  • If you already own licenses of SIMUL8 these can be included towards the minimum number of seats and will be upgraded to a network license.

Upgrade to 2018 Professional


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For SIMUL8’s latest feature packed release, upgrade from SIMUL8 Professional 2017 to 2018. 



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SIMUL8 Basic plug-in: Find the statistical distribution that best fits your data. Included in S8 Professional. 

Empirical data-sets can be "curve-fitted" to know statistical distributions.

Great to for both Simulation Input and Output Analysis.


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