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How long does it take to build a simulation model & analysis? 

It depends on the size and scope of the facility and proposed layouts. A typical model can be constructed in less than a months’ time. The data collect phase can delay matters; but the good news is: surrogate values can always be used and readily be updated upon future accurate input.

What are the phases of building a simulation model?

Objective, Assumptions, Data Collection, Build Model, Verify & Validate, Experimentation, Results, Implementation, Continuous Improvement, Replication.

What makes up a simulation data input file?

Cycle times [Manual Labor, Automated], Downtime values [MTBF, MTTR], Change Overs, Tool Set-ups, Travel times, Conveyor speeds, Number of Carriers, Number of resources [Labor, Forklifts, AGV’s], etc.

Where do the simulation input values come from?

Shop-floor data collection systems, historical reports, engineering takt times & design rates, vendor requirements, etc.

Who should be on the simulation team?

Key point of contact [Manufacturing Engineer], Management, Quality Engineer, Plant Management, and Plant Manufacturing engineer. 

Can studies be conducted & delivered via WebEx or Goto Meetings?

Yes. Most of our clients choice to set-up weekly meetings utilizing online resources.

What are some typical Performance Metrics? 

Throughput [Parts per Hour], Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE [Availability, Performance, Quality], First Time Through, Schedule Adherence, Dock to Dock (TIS), Return on Investment, Equipment States [Working, Waiting, Blocked, Downtime, Changeover, Off-Shift, Resource Starved, Scheduled Maintenance] 

Can we purchase SIMUL8 directly from MTN-SIM, LLC?

Yes. MTN-SIM, LLC is a Certified SIMUL8 Solution Provider.  Your company will receive any and all current SIMUL8 offers and SIMUL8 support; MTN-SIM, LLC acts as a consulting SIMUL8 Ambassador directing working with SIMUL8.

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