A Command

Activity Routing In Batch By Type Fixed Value Disable

Add Daily Recurring Event to Schedule

Add Group Objects to Selection

Add Monthly Recurring Event to Schedule

Add Multiple Work Items To Queue

Add Results Export Template

Add Weekly Recurring Event to Schedule

Add Work Center to Resource Priorities

Add Work To Queue

Add Yearly Recurring Event to Schedule

Add automaintain name list

Add speed list location

Add to Group

Add to Pool

Adjust Results Collection to Summary

Append to File

Assemble High Volume Items

Attach Custom Property

Attach Shift to Object

Average Sheet Area


Begin Reading File

Block Current Routing

Bounded Distribution Bounds




Breakdown using Break Type


Calculate Special Math Result

Call COM Event

Call COM Event Lock and Wait

Call Custom DLL

Call Visual Logic from Text

Cancel Operation

Clear Array

Clear Cycle Matix

Clear Image

Clear Image by Location

Clear Line

Clear Object Selection

Clear Pie Slice

Clear Rectangle

Clear Sheet

Clear Sheet Area

Clear Sheet Data Only

Clear Text

Clear Text by Location

Clear all Display Plus

Close Chart Window

Close Component Palette

Close Progress Bar

Close Results Window

Close TimeView Window

Close Window

Close all Charts

Close all Files

Close main sheet and generate event

Collection is Complete

Complete SQL Insert or Update

Compress Sheet

Concatenate Text Lines

Convert Currency Text to Number

Convert File to full Path and File

Convert Number to Currency Text

Convert Text to Number

Copy Chart Data to Spreadsheet

Copy Current Work Item To Queue

Copy Current Work Item To Queue Multiple

Copy Distribution

Copy KPIs to Sheet

Copy Object Chart Data to Spreadsheet

Copy Selected Objects

Copy Sheet Area

Copy Sheet Column

Copy Sheet Row

Copy Simulation Object

Count Selected Objects

Count Sheet Area

Count Sheet Area non-zero

Count Work Items in region

Create Break Type

Create Custom Property

Create Distribution

Create File

Create Global Data Item

Create Group

Create Label

Create New Export Excel Connection

Create New Export Excel Connection For Area

Create New Import Excel Connection

Create New Import Excel Connection For Area

Create Shift

Create Simulation Object

Create Slider

Create Visual Logic Block

Current WI Resources to Sheet

Cycle Matix to Sheet

Dataset Names to Sheet

DeSchedule Event

DeSchedule Event on Object

Delay for Seconds

Delete Blank Rows

Delete Break Type

Delete Cell Horizontal

Delete Cell Vertical

Delete Column

Delete Custom Property

Delete Distribution

Delete Row

Delete Shift

Delete Work Item

Delete all Break Types

Delete all Resource Priorities

Delete from Pool

Deschedule Event on Work Item

Deselect Transition

Deselect Work Item State

Disable Remove From All States

Display Image

Display Image without Clear

Display Line

Display Line Without Clear

Display Message

Display Pie Slice

Display Pie Slice Without Clear

Display Plus Shape Mode

Display Plus Text Mode

Display Rectangle

Display Rectangle Without Clear

Display Results Summary

Display Text

Display Text without Clear

Display main sheet

Do Not Display Dialog



Edit Visual Logic Block 

Empty Component Unzipped Folder

Empty Group

Empty Pool

Empty Simulation Object

Enable Remove From All States

Erase Dialog

Erase Global Data Item

Erase Group

Erase Image

Erase Simulation Object

Erase Window

Erase speed list location

Export All Excel Connections

Export Excel Connection 

Extract Date and Time elements

Extract From CSV

Extract Text

Fast Object Search Next

Fast Object Searches Always

Fast Object Searches Cancel

File to Sheet

Find Maximum Value in Sheet Area

Find Minimum Value in Sheet Area

Find Text

Find Text Case Insensitive

Find constraining pipe

Find resource from pool

Format Local Time

Format Number to Text

Get Blank Folder Name

Get Chosen Route Out

Get Component Create Mode

Get Component File Name

Get Component Object List

Get Component Unzipped Folder Name

Get Confidence Limit from Results

Get Connecting Pipe

Get Contents Change

Get Current Dataset Name

Get Current Object

Get Current Random Number Stream Set

Get Current Run Result Value

Get Day Occurrences Per Month

Get Day of Week

Get Distribution List

Get Extension Only

Get File Date and Time

Get File Only

Get Folder Only

Get Global Data Name

Get Group Contents

Get Group Limit

Get Held Resource Count

Get Held Resource Object

Get Information Store List

Get Label Total in Object

Get Last Display Plus Unique ID

Get Levels in Percentages

Get Longest Available Resource Time

Get My Documents Folder

Get Nearest Work Within Radius

Get Object Distribution Parameters

Get Object Location

Get Object Memo

Get Object Parent Component

Get Object Type from Name

Get Object Window

Get PC Clock

Get Percent Utilization over Interval

Get Position in Queue

Get Position on Result Summary

Get Previous State 

Get Prob-Profile Distrib Column

Get Resource Travel Result

Get Resource Travel Time

Get Result

Get Result by Text

Get Route Out Percent

Get Route-In Linked Object

Get Route-Out Linked Object

Get Runs in Trial

Get Scheduled Processing End Time

Get Shift Status

Get Simulation File Name

Get Simulation Object ID

Get Simulation Property

Get Simulation Start Date

Get States in Percentages

Get States in Percentages by Text

Get System Program Files Folder

Get Text Length

Get Throughput

Get Time Work Item Entered Object

Get Time Work Item Entered Simulation

Get Travel Time

Get Trial Base Random Number Stream Set

Get Trial Run Number

Get VL Random Number Seed

Get Visual Logic Held Resource Count

Get Work Center Resource Travel Wait Percent

Get from Database Field

Get from EXCEL

Get latest copy of

Get original of

Global Data Item to Results XML file

Group Distribution uses Named Distribution

Groups to Sheet

Hide messages if next SET Object Missing

Hide messages if next SET Object is Type Mismatch


Import All Excel Connections

Import Excel Connection

Include Sheet Formats

Indicate Save Required

Insert Cell Horizontal

Insert Cell Vertical

Insert Column

Insert Row

Insert Visual Logic Line After

Insert Visual Logic Line Under

Insert into SQL Database

Is Value Numerical

Jobs Matrix to Sheet



LOOPOBJECTS all selected

Link Logic to Object

Link Simulation Objects

Load Image

Load Random Seeds File

Load module

Lock Interactive Structure

Match Text in Sheet Area

Match Value in Sheet Area

Match Value in Sheet Column

Move Work Item To

Next Add Work uses Work Based Randomness

Next Result Command Overtime Category

Next Set Distribution Accepts Formula

Next Set Object Location Moves Sub-Objects

Next Set Resource Requirement can interrupt

Next Spreadsheet Print Shows Print Setup

Object Distribution uses Named Distribution

Omit Results XML

Open Chart Window

Open Component Palette

Open Custom Report

Open Database

Open Dataset

Open Dialog

Open Help File

Open Object Chart

Open Resource Schedule

Open Results Window

Open Simulation

Open TimeView Window

Open Window

Overtime Allowed

Percent Route Out Adjust to 100

Play Sound

Previous Result never negative

Previous Sheet Result Auto Mean

Previous Sheet Result Horizontal Confidence

Previous Sheet Result Vertical Confidence

Print Spreadsheet

Promote to Head of Queue

Quit immediately without saving any work

ReSchedule Arrival

Read File

Rebuild All Charts

Rebuild Chart

Record all Time View Data

Recorded Data to File

Redimension Array

Redimension Array and Clear

Refresh All Charts

Refresh Chart

Refresh Object Speed Lists

Refresh Windows

Remove All Results

Remove Date from Text

Remove Non Printable Characters 

Remove Resource Requirement

Remove Results Export Template

Remove Results for Object

Remove Shift from Object

Remove Time from Text

Remove Work Center from Resource Priorities

Remove from Group

Rename Group

Replace Text

Reprioritize Queue

Reset Clock

Reset Shelf Life  (obsolete)

Reset before next run

Resources Release

Resources Use

Result to Summary

Results by Work Type to Sheet

Round Controlled

Run External Program

Run Simulation


SQL Command

Save Dataset

Save Random Seeds to File

Save Results XML

Save Simulation

Save Unzipped Component

Schedule Event

Schedule Event on Simulation Object

Schedule Event on Work Item

Schedule later run

Scheduled Maintenance to Sheet

Search Array

Search Sheet Area

Select BreakDown Type (obsolete)

Select Current Work Item

Select Maximum Label in Object

Select Minimum Label in Object

Select Simulation Object

Select Transition Exiting Selected Decision Point

Select Transition Exiting Selected State

Select View

Select Visual Logic Insert Code Location

Select Visual Logic Insert Location

Select Work Item State

Select Work Item on Conveyor

Select Work Item with Label value in Object

Set % Within Time

Set All Charts to Auto Update

Set All Charts to Not Auto Update

Set Availability Percentage

Set Base Date and Time

Set Blank Folder Name

Set Changeover Mode

Set Clock Properties

Set Collect Number

Set Conveyor Dog Parameters

Set Conveyor Pick Position

Set Current Random Number Stream Set

Set Default Confidence Limits

Set Default Display Plus Shape Mode

Set Default Display Plus Text Mode

Set Dialog Status in Menu

Set Distribution Parameters

Set Distribution sub-mode

Set Efficiency

Set Field Number

Set Field Text

Set Group Distribution Parameters

Set Group Limit

Set MTBF Style

Set Next Spreadsheet Print Area

Set Next Spreadsheet Print Page Fitting

Set Next Time Check

Set Number of Columns in Probability Profile

Set Number of Vehicles

Set Object Animation Image

Set Object Animation Offset

Set Object Colors

Set Object Distribution Parameters

Set Object Emissions

Set Object Emissions Label

Set Object Financials

Set Object Financials Label

Set Object Image

Set Object Location

Set Object Memo

Set Object Var from Object Speed Code

Set Object Visibility

Set Object Visual Scaling

Set Object Window

Set Percentage on Selected Transition

Set Prob-Profile Distrib Column

Set Progress Bar

Set Resource Individuality Options

Set Resource Label

Set Resource Pool Search Mode

Set Resource Pool Timing Distribution

Set Resource Requirement Type

Set Resource Suspension Behavior

Set Resource Travel Time

Set Resources Required

Set Resources Required for Changeover (Obsolete)

Set Resources Required for Repair

Set Results Collection Interval

Set Route Arrow Properties

Set Route In Discipline

Set Route In Priority

Set Route Out Discipline

Set Route Out Label

Set Route Out Percent

Set Route Out Priority

Set Route-In Link Position

Set Route-Out Link Position

Set SQL Database Login Credentials

Set Schedule as a Blocked Schedule

Set Schedule as an Active Schedule

Set Shift Availability

Set Shift Days

Set Shift Times

Set Simulation Start Date

Set Slider Bounds

Set Start Point Schedule Sheet

Set Travel Time

Set Trial Base Random Number Stream Set

Set Trial Computing Style

Set VL Random Number Seed

Set Vehicle Class Capacity

Set Vehicle Class Speed

Set Visual Logic Message Action

Set Window Image

Set Window Location

Set Window Name

Set Work Center Exit Priority

Set Work Center Priority

Set Work Entry Arrival File

Set Work Exit Completion File

Set Work Item Image

Set all Ideal Rates to Infinity

Set all Object Marks

Set all pipe flow rates

Set chart Update Mode

Set in EXCEL

Set main sheet

Setup Progress Bar

Sheet location remove from Results Summary

Sheet location to Results Summary

Sheet to Cycle Matix

Sheet to File

Sheet to File Append

Sheet to Jobs Matrix

Sheet to Scheduled Maintenance

Show Simulation Object Titles

Signal VBA

Simulation Speed

Sort Sheet Alphabetical

Sort Sheet Numerical

Split Text to Sheet Column

Stop Simulation

Storage Graphs Color (obsolete - use "Set Object Colors")

Sum Sheet Area

Suspend/Restart Work on Resource Change

Time Convert Local to Simulation

Time Convert Simulation to Local

To Lower Case

To Upper Case

Total Sheet Area


Trial Extend

Trim Blanks from Text Ends


UnLink Simulation Objects

Unbind All Custom Properties

Unformat Local Time

Unique Sheet

Unlink all out links

Unlock Interactive Structure

Update Component Toolbars

Update Detailed Log Sheet

Update High Volume Distribution Sampling

Update SQL Database

Update all Ideal Rates to Capacities

Update pipe flows immediate


Window Title Display

Withdraw single item only

Work Item Based Randomness

Working Days Between